Permanent MRI system 0.35T Clinical application system

Model: YSMRI-035
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    Permanent MRI system 0.35T Clinical application system


    Convenient image storage and transmission. According to users' different needs, the system can save the images in common PC format by one key. Convenient for carrying, data sharing, copy data to CD; or select the DICOM network data transmission or other storage methods to meet the various needs of users at most.

    Perfect combination of gradient system and high-performance RF amplifier, assure stable system performance and excellent image quality.

    All permanent MRI models come with high precision temperature control system of magnet to guarantee the stability of magnetic field strength, ensure the quality of the images for the long-term stability, saving the cost for users.

    Highly open system, easy for MRI interventional therapy.

    By using the self-shielding gradient coil and high duty ratio gradient amplifier system as well as the eddy current free technology and design, it can not only avoid the eddy current in metal shielding layers, but also gather the eddy current produced by axis X & Y to then intensively erased by software algorithm. This technology helps to improve the space coding ability and image quality.

    Based on humanized and intelligent design, low table position design, convenience for stretchers and disabled patients.

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