Veterinary Anesthesia Machine


Portable Anesthesia machine YSAV6101V

Model: YSAV6101V
  • ModelYSAV6101V
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    1.Portable design, easy to operate and save space in operation theatre.
    2.Molding production with a benefit of light weight and rust-proof.
    3.Integrated breathing circuit design ensures simple operation and clear equipment, 0.8L CO2 absorber also equipped on breathing circuit.
    4.APL valve design can set the pressure limit under manual control.
    5.4 tubes flowmeter for O2 and N2O, support low flow anesthesia.
    6.Self-designed high precision vaporizer with flow, pressure, temperature compensation, self-locking structure. High precision of anesthesia agent control.
    7.Different types of mask for animal’s design.
    Technique Specifications:
    Physical Specifications
    Dimensions: 50*46*32cm
    Weight: 22kg
    Casters: Front wheels with lock
    Pipeline Supply
    Gas configuration: O2,N2O
    Pipeline input range: 280-600Kpa
    Modes of Ventilation
    Ventilator Parameter
    Working type: Pneumatic driven
    System Standard
    Hypoxic guard system: N2O cut-off valve, O2 concentration>25%
    APL valve: <6Kpa
    O2 Flush: 25-75L/min
    Volume of CO2 absorber: 0.8L(Optional for 1.6L CO2 absorber)
    Flowmeter: 4 tubes, Cascade 0.1-10L/min O2, 0.1-10L/min N2O
    Vaporizer: 1 unit (Isoflurane/Enflurane/Sevoflurane/Halothane)
    Anesthesia ventilator
    Available to connnect anesthesia ventilator (YSAV1010 ,YSAV1020)
    1.Multi ventilation modes applicable to all kinds of animals
    2.Suitable for all kinds of animals below 200kgs
    3.Portable design ventilator can directly connect to anesthesia machine
    The ideal Portable Anesthesia System support an upgrading not only for clinical field, but also applicable for anesthesiology, gynaecology and obstetrics, stomatology and emergency department. It gives a safe, accurate and convenient support for application combination which will assit with fast response to life care.

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