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Portable Emergency Ventilator YSAV2020

Model: YSAV2020
  • ModelYSAV2020
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    Operator can rotate the unit with a pry bar 90 degree meanwhile to lock the unit only. The unit itself can be rotated clockwise to display horizontally when it is vertically placed or can be separated from the supporting system as well.
     Basic Features
    Operating Panel: English(Standard)
    Display: 7 inch LCD
    Drive: Gas Driven
    Gas source: Pure air or Oxygen
    Operating: Electronically controlled
    Application: Applied for child and adult(Weight>5kg)
    Main Specifications
    Ventilation Mode: VCV, SIMV,A/C, SIGH, MANUAL, CPAP;
    PCV(optional), PSV(optional)
    Tidal Volume: 20-2000ml
    I: E Ratio:4:1-1:8
    Rate: 4-100/min, 1-40/min under SIMV
    FiO2: 40%-100%
    Pressure trigger sensitivity: -20-0cmH2o, PEEP 0-20cmH2o
    Monitoring Parameters: Tidal volume, Minute volume, Breathing rate, Ppeak, PEEP, FiO2
    Alarms: No VT, MV too high(low), Airway pressure too high(low), AC power off, back-up battery too low, audio alarms or prompt hints
    Unit Information
    Power:Battery, AC Power 220V/50Hz
    Battery: ≥6 hours
    Net Weight: Main Body<4KG
    Accessory Set
    Main body 1 Unit, Oxygen cylinder 3L*1 Unit, Silicon mask/circuit for medical use*1 Piece, Other accessories used to ensure the basic operating.
    1.YSAV2020 used for respiratory depression, respiratory paralysis and failure of emergency rescue.
    2.Advanced monitoring and alarm systems for patient-related parameters(e.g. Pressure and flow) and ventilator function(e.g. air leakage, power failure).
    3.Built-in Li-battery for recharging and emergency case up to continuous 6 hrs.
    4.Equipped with air or oxygen tank.
    5.Sturdy, encased in a solid housing designed to withstand the shock of being dropped, compressed, or stepped on.
    1.Allow exact adaptation of pressure and flow characteristics to an individual patient’s needs.
    2.Deliver an oxygen and air mix to a patient, with the concentration of the mix being adjustable.
    3.Five-tuned ventilator settings also serve to make ventilation more tolerable for the patient.
    1.Light weight 4 kg
    2.All parameters set in one step makes every single process in easy way.
    3.Humanized design helps the operator for easy handling.
    1.DC 12V charge, AC 100V-240V.
    2.Regulator compatible with on-vehicle cylinder.
    3.Oxygen circuit compatible with on -vehicle gas supply system.
    4.3L Oxygen cylinder for Extra usage.
    5.CWH-2020 also can be equipped on the transport bed, back of chair, stretcher or even to be placed on the ground stand alone.
    Multiple Functions
    1.Applied for child and adult.
    2.Volume control delivery with multi-function working mode.
    3.VCV, SIMV,A/C, SIGH, MANUAL, CPAP, PCV(optional),PSV(optional)

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