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Portable Rebound Tonometer Non Contact Tonometer YSYYJ800

Model: YSYYJ800
  • ModelYSYYJ800
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Rebound tonometer, also known as impact tonometer, adopting an innovative sensing rebound technology. The probe will be magnetized when being inserted into the tonometer and generates N/S poles. An transient current in the solenoids of the device (lasting about 30 milliseconds) produces an transient magnetic field that causes the magnetized probe to move towards the cornea at 0.2m/s (homopolar repulsion principle). The probe bounces on the anterior surface of the cornea, slowing down and rebounding. If the ocular pressure is increased, the decelaration of the probe increases, and the duration of the impact decreases.

    The electrical control switch monitors the solenoid voltage caused by the rebound of the magnetized probes,and the electrical signals processors and the microsensors calculates the deceleration of the probe after impacting the cornea. Finally the integrated information is converted into ocular pressure readings.

    Rebound tonometer is an electric measuring type pressure guage which converts the presurre into the voltage or current signal through the physical characteristics of the metal.

    Tonometer can obtain the measurement data within 0.1secons.


    1. Used in tonometery tests by ophthalmologists,optometrists,general physician,professional health advisors.

    2. Better for patients with dementia,mobility problems and children in the measurement of cornea edema,opacity or uneven cornea surface.

    3. Handy of glaucoma patients in measuring ocular pressure at home. 


    1. Turn on the tonometer and install the probe.

    2. Move the machine close to the eyes and adjust the distance

    3. Gently press the button and obtain the single measurement vaules and average values in several times.

    *Short measuring time ,only seconds.

    *Reduce the check time for glaucoma.

    *Capacable of storing the ocular data of some ten patients.


    Measuring Current


    Measuring Voltage


    Measuring Range




    Max Probe Speed


    Product Dimensions


    Package Dimensions


    Working Temperature Range


    Working Humidity Range


    Working Atmospheric Range

    700 hpa~1060hpa

    Storage Temperature Range


    Storage Atmospheric Range

    500 hpa~1060hpa

    Storage Humidity Range


    Accuracy Class(3mmHg≤intraocular pressure≤25mmHg)


    Accuracy Class(25mmHg≤intraocular pressure≤70mmHg)


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