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Hearing Screening


Pure Tone Audiometer YSTLJ-CH33

Model: YSTLJ-CH33
  • ModelYSTLJ-CH33
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    Head Phone: TDH-39P(AC), B7 I (BC)
    Power Supply: 230V AC transformer. 50Hz
    Dimensions: 45x 30x 9.5cm
    Packing: 51x40x 27cm
    Weight: 1.775kg
    Microphone: Internal
    Technical Data:
    Out put: Air conduction, Bone conduction, Free field
    Frequency:                  AC                     BC
    125Hz                   -10 - 90HL         -10 - 45HL
    250 Hz                 -10 - 100HL        -10 - 45HL
    500-750Hz          -10 - 120HL        -10 - 70HL
    1000-3000Hz      -10 - 120HL        -10 - 70HL
    4000Hz                -10 - 120HL        -10 - 60HL
    6000Hz                -10 - 110HL        -10 - 60HL
    8000Hz                -10 - 110HL
    Masking: Pure tone& with contralateral white noise test
    Tests: AC test, BC tests, speech test, speech with noise test
    Tone: Continuous pure tone, pulse tone, warble tone
    Precision: Sound pressure: ± I dB
    Frequency: better than 1%
    Distortion: Air conduction: 2.5%, Bone conduction: 5%

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