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SonoScape Ultrasound


Sonoscape P60 mobile ultrasound doppler machines for sales

Model: P60
Sonoscape P60 mobile ultrasound doppler machines for sales
  • ModelP60
  • BrandSonoscape
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  • MOQ1
  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    P60 Main Unit

    21.5" High Resolution Medical Monitor

    13.3" High Resolution Touch Screen

    Height Adjustable and Rotatable Operation Panel

    Five Active Probe Ports

    One Pencil Probe Port

    Build-in ECG Module (Including Hardware and Software)

    External Gel Warmer (temperature adjustable)

    Built-in Wireless Adapter

    1TB Hard Disk Drive, HDMI Output and USB 3.0 Ports



    B (2B & 4B) Mode

    M Mode

    Anatomic M Mode

    Color M Mode

    Color Doppler Flow Imaging

    Power Doppler Imaging / Directional Power Doppler Imaging

    Tissues Doppler Imaging

    Pulse Wave Doppler Imaging

    Continuous Wave Doppler Imaging

    High Pulse Repeat Frequency

    Tissue Harmonic Imaging

    Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging

    Spatial Compound Imaging

    Tissue Specific Imaging

    Image Rotation

    μ-Scan: 2D Speckle Reduction Technology

    3D μ-Scan: 3D Speckle Reduction Technology

    SR Flow (High Resolution Flow)

    Simultaneous Mode (Triplex)

    FreeHand 3D Imaging

    B Mode Panoramic Imaging / Color Panoramic Imaging

    Lateral Gain Compensation

    Trapezoid Imaging

    Widescan Imaging (Convex Extended Imaging)

    Biopsy Guide

    Vis-needle (Needle Visualization Enhancement)

    Auto Bladder Volume Measurement

    Zoom (Pan-Zoom / HD-Zoom / Scr-Zoom)

    TEI Index

    PW Auto Trace

    Auto IMT

    Auto EF

    Auto NT

    Auto OB: BPD / HC / AC / FL / HL


    C-xlasto (Strain Elastography)

    Build-in User Mannual (Help)

    Sono-help (Scanning Tutorial)

    DICOM 3.0: Store / C-Store / Worklist / MPPS /  Print / SR / Q&R



    Basic Measurement Package

    Gynecology Measurement Package

    Obstetrics Measurement Package

    Small Part Measurement Package

    Urology Measurement Package

    Vascular Measurement Package

    Pediatrics Measurement Package

    Abdomen Measurement Package

    Cardiac Measurement Package

    Pelvic Floor Measurement Package

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