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Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine


Top Sale Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine YSB-K0

Model: YSB-K0
Top Sale Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine YSB-K0
  • ModelYSB-K0
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • MOQ1
  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    Technical specifications:

    Displaying mode

    B,B/B,4B,B/M,M, B/C,B/C/D,B/D, duplex, triplex, CFM, PW

    Signal processing:

    Full-digital beam forming, dynamic filter, dynamic real time receiving focusing, spectral processing, CFM processing, real-time dynamic focusing, dynamic aperture in all fields

    Image processing:


    Storage: 16G

    Power adjustable

    Smoothing function

    Edge enhancement

    One-key optimization

    Image conversion

    Wall filter adjustable

    Base line adjustable

    PRF adjustable

    AIO-Auto image optimization

    IZoom: Instant full screen image

    I-Image: intelligent optimization

    MBF: Multi Beam Former

    SA: Synthetic Aperture Ultrasonic imaging

    Iclear: Speckle Noise Reduction

    CDF: Contunuous Dynamic Focusing

    General measurement

    Normal, MSK, ABD, OB, Pelvic,Urology, Cardiac, Small Parts, Vascular

    Normal measurement

    Volume, V3L, STD_S, Area Trace,Mtime, MHR, D Time, DV, D Common, D Auto, Area, Angle, CrossLine, STD D, ParalleLine, Mdist,MV, D HR, DA, D Trace

    ABD packages

    ABD, Aorta, R_Kidney & L_Kidney, Bladder, Prostate

    OB Packages

    Early_OB, Rt-Ovary, Lt-Ovary, Uterus, Fetal_Biome, Long_Bones, AFI

    Pelvic Packages

    Uterus, Rt/Lt - Ovary, Rt/Lt-Follicle,


    Urology packages

    Rt/Lt- kidney measurement, Bladder, Prostate,Rt/Lt_Testicle


    Small Parts

    Rt/Lt_Thyroid, Rt/Lt_Testicle, Vessel, Breast


    Stenosis D, senosis A, Intima, Arterial, Venous


    Distance, Area, Hip_Angle

    Scanning depth


    Probe elements


    Cine loop

    Automatically & manually

    Image storage format

    BMP, JPEG, PNG, DICOM(Option)


    Input/output ports

    Video Port, S-Video Port, Remote Port, LAN1/2 Port, VGA

    Standard Configuration

    Main unit, 12 inch LED monitor, 3.5Mhz convex probe, 7.5Mhz linear probe, 2 Probe connectors, User’s Manual, hard disk (SSD)


    6.5Mhz Transvaginal Probe, 3.5Mhz Micro-convex Probe, Trolley, Printers, Biopsy kitAluminum case

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