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Biosafety Cabinet


Ventilation Cabinet YSTE-TFG-12

Model: YSTE-TFG-12
It is a kind of negative pressure device widely used in microbiology, biomedicine, gene recombination, animal experiments, biological products , other fields of
scientific research, teaching and clinical examination.
  • ModelYSTE-TFG-12
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Laboratory Furniture/ LAB Fume hood/1.2M Chemical Fume hood is integrated with water, electricity, gas and ventilation. It is equipped with multifunctional socket inside. The window is designed into automatic balance type and is equipped with proper poise for taking its place easily. The bottom is equipped with stainless steel water tank with which liquid antiseptic, experiment leftover can be discharged from this tank through bathing so as to keep experiment environment safe and reliable. Thus, it is a kind of common lab equipment for discharging bad gas, cleaning and discharging in the course of experiment.
    The flow plate makes bad gases in different height discharged from different parts. The ventilation cabinet discharges internal air out at the speed of 0.5m/s to guarantee there is not any residual air inside, so the ventilation efficiency is high and ventilation capacity is 450-1600m3/h. The glass window may be dragged up and down. It can be stayed on any position to provide safer, more comfort test space for experimenter.
    No. Index/Model YSTE-TFG-12 ventilation cabinet
    Discharging speed within 0.3m-0.6m/s adjustable
    Inlet pressur >0.5Pax
    Power 400W
    Power supply AC, 220 V/50Hz
    Weight 160KG
    Dimension of working area(W1*D1*H1) 1030*700*600mm
    Overall dimension W*D*H 1200*760*1950mm

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