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Air Disinfector


Wall-mounted Room Air disinfection dynamic UV Air Purifier YSMJ-B60

Model: YSMJ-B60
Air purifiers Dynamic Air Disinfector (Stand type) air purifier for clinic for sale with good price.
  • ModelYSMJ-B60
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    Type Wind amount(m3/h) Disinfection CBM(m3) Power(w) Efficient Filter Remote Control Style Size(L*W*H)cm
    YSMJ-B60 ≥600 ≤60 ≤180 YES YES Hang up 27*20*80
    YSMJ-B80 ≥900 ≤80 ≤200 YES YES Hang up 32*20*98
    YSMJ-B100 ≥1000 ≤100 ≤250 YES YES Hang up 32*23*107
    Disinfection effect(cfu/m3)                                                         ≤200
    Ultraviolet leakage outside the machine(uw/cm2)                     ≤0
    Ultraviolet leaksge inside the machine(uw/cm2)                        ≥13800
     Ozone content(mg/m3)                                                             ≤0
     Lifetime of the uv lamp(h)                                                         ≥5000
     Voltage                                                                                     ~220V50HZ
     Noise db(A)                                                                               ≤50
     Negative oxygen ion release(quantity/m3)                               ≥6*106

    Dynamic air disinfector adopts the germicidal principle of circulation wind air high
    strength ultraviolet ray, it's unique inside germicidal design really helps to achieve the dynamic continuous sterilization under the someone's environment.
    The air filtered system inside the disinfector adopts a laminar flow clean technique in physics filter methods to remove the dust and the germ within air.
    It scientifically makes use of extremely high strength ultraviolet ray short-distance instantaneous sterilization technique to kill the germ,virus in the air thoroughly, eliminates the source of pollution effectively, prevents the disease dissemination, improves the air quality, protect the health between medical care personnel and patient.

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