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Bone Densitometry


YSDXA-800E DXA Bone Densitometry Bone Density Scanning Dual-EnergX-ray Absorptiometry (DXA or DEXA) Bone Densitometry

Model: YSDXA-800E
  • ModelYSDXA-800E
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Technical Specifications:
    Large Scale Integrated Circuit
    Multi -Layer Circuit Board Design
    Light Source Technology With High Frequency and Small Focus
    Imported High Sensitivity Digital Camera
    Using the Cone - Beam and Surface Imaging Technology
    Using Laser Beam Positioning Technique 
    Using the Unique Algorithms.
    ABS Mould Manufactured, Beautiful , Strong and Practical 
    Special Analysis System Based on Different Countries People
    Technical Parameter: 
    1.Using the Dual Energy X-ray Absorptimetry. 
    2.Using the Most Advanced Cone - Beam and Surface Imaging Technology.
    3.With High Measurement Speed and Short Measurement Time.
    4.With Dual Imaging Technology to Get More Accurate Measurement. 
    5.Using Laser Beam Positioning Technique, Making the Measuring Position More Accurate.
    6.Detecting Image Digitization, to Get Accurate Measurement Results.
    7.Adopting the Surface Imaging Technology, Measuring Faster and Better.
    8.Using the Unique Algorithms to Get More Accurate Measurement Results.
    9.Adopting the Full Closed Lead Protective Window to Measure, only Need to Put the Patient’s Arm into the Window. The Equipment is Indirect Contact with the Scanning Parts of the Patient. Easy to Operate for the Doctor. It is Safety for the Patient and Doctor. 
    10.Adopting Integrated Structure Design
    11.Unique Shape, Beautiful Appearance and Easy to Use.
    Performance Parameter: 
    1.Measurement Parts: the Front of Forearm. 1/3 of distal radius
    2. X ray tube voltage:High Energy 70 Kv, Low Energy 45Kv.
    3.The high and low energy corresponds to the current, 0.25 mA at high energy and 0.45mA at low energy
    4.X-Ray Detector:Imported High Sensitivity Digital Camera.
    5.X-Ray Source:Stationary Anode X-ray Tube (with High Frequency and Small Focus)
    6.Imaging Way:Cone - Beam  and Surface Imaging Technology.
    7.Imaging Time:≤ 4 Seconds.
    8.Accuracy(error)≤ 0.4%
    9.Repeatability Coefficient of Variation CV≤0.25%
    10.Measuring Area :≧150mm*110mm
    11.Can be connected to hospital HIS system, PACS system
    12.Provide Worklist Port with independent upload and download function
    13.Measuring Parameter: T- Score, Z-Score, BMD、BMC、 Area,Adult percent[%], Age percent[%], BQI (The Bone Quality Index) ,BMI、RRF: Relative Fracture Risk 
    14. It with multi race clinical database, including: European, American, Asian, Chinese, WHO international compatibility. It measuring the people between the age of 0 and 130.
    15.Measuring children over three years older
    16.Original Dell Business Computer: ,Intel i5,Quad Core Processor 、8G、1T、22’inch HD Monitor
    17.Operation System: Win7 32-bit / 64 bit ,Win10 64 bit compatible 
    18.Working Voltage: 220V±10%, 50Hz. 

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