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YSENMED YSNOA-801 Medical FeNO Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide Analyzer

Model: YSNOA-801
  • ModelYSNOA-801
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    YSNOA-801 exhaled nitric oxide analyzer is a professional medical equipment for noninvasive detection of airway inflammation. The operation method is simple, the measurement program is intuitive, and the detection and analysis time is only 60 seconds. For common diseases in respiratory department, pediatrics, otorhinolaryngology, physical examination department, allergy department and other departments, such as cough, asthma, COPD and other clinical routine examinations, help doctors safely, quickly and conveniently identify the type of inflammation, evaluate the level of inflammation, guide treatment and monitor the prognosis.
    Product Highlight
    Designed to help combat asthma
    Asthma's complexity and heterogeneity means that it's not always easy to feel confident in diagnosis and management. With the revalence of asthma increasing,poorly controlled asthma can have long term consequences for patients.
    Improve patient outcomes with FeNO
    FeNO testing is now recommended for asthma care in guidelines across the globe. Having an accurate FeNO testing device is essential in correctly diagnosing and managing asthma. FeNO values are well established and can help to optimise your treatment decision.
    Excellent user experience
    YSNOA-801 FeNO provide animations to lead the test.The Sofeware could Store large amounts of data and easy to manage. Device is lightweight and protable allowing easy movement within the clinical setting.
    FeNO makes the difference in the confident diagnosis and management of asthma
    After FeNO measurement, clinicians modified their treatment plan in 40% of cases. Half reduction in exacerbations where FeNO test has been used to regularly test asthma patients in a clinical setting.
    · Can be used for adults or children
    · Animation guide operation
    · Removal of environmental NO
    · Automatically Calibration
    · Result in 1 minute
    · Large memory capacity of patient data which convenient for query and management

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