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Patient Transfer Trolley


YSHB-SE-II Electric patient transfer bed

  • ModelYSHB-SE-II
  • BrandYSENMED
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  • MOQ1
  • Ship FromFrom Guangzhou, China
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    Main function and features:
    It always puzzled the medical workers that move the intensive patients, such as fracture and cerebral hemorrhage patients, patients after their operations and overweight patients. How should we ensure their moving safety and comfort? This product can settle the question well.
    This vehicle adopts special action design, it can move the patient smoothly and comfortably under the circumstance that the patent don't need to make any move action. This can avoid second injury for irrational move. This system can realize two-way docking between two foundations, and it can be used in the operating room, ICU and so on which are purified places. The three grade truckles which are made in Germany, can apply the brake reliably, make the system nimble to push and move, and also has the guidance function. It is easy for single person to control freely when he push and move the vehicle.
    Transfusion Holder: 1pc
    Power Wire: 1pc


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