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Veterinary Laser


YSML020-CA Ultrapulse CO2 Laster

Model: YSML020-CA
Carbon dioxide (CO₂) lasers have become a standard of care in veterinary surgery for both large and small animals.
  • ModelYSML020-CA
  • BrandYSENMED
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    Carbon dioxide (CO₂) lasers have become a standard of care in veterinary surgery for both large and small animals.   Delivering the ideal wavelength (10.6μm) for all soft tissue surgery, CO₂ lasers provide increased precision and result in reduced hemorrhage, swelling, pain and tissue trauma.   SWOT veterinary CO₂ laser system is designed to provide the veterinary surgeon with maximum flexibility, user-friendly controllability, resulting in better surgery and quick healing which is good for a wide variety of surgical procedures for dogs, cats, birds, and other animals. Laser surgery can solve many common problems such as tumors, cysts, warts, and infections that may happen around the ears, eyes, skin and mouth.
    - Articulated arm
    - Non-contact cutting
    - Precise incisions
    - Absolute sterility
    - Powerful: 20 watts
    Declaws - Scalpel blade or a nail trimmer is the traditional way of declaws, that was painful and time consuming. Laser surgery to declaw will make cats have little pain.
    Ear Hematoma - One of the CO₂ laser features, selectively and gently going through layers of tissue, makes the CO₂ laser excellent for ear hematoma due to the small opening needed to drain the fluid.
    Skin Tumor - Laser can completely ablate the small tumors lesion and make pets have less discomfort during the recovering time.
    Dog Neuter - CO₂ laser can also treat dog neuters due to the advantages of minimal bleeding and less pain.
    Amputation - The laser is particularly good at amputations. Minimal bleeding during the laser surgery allows the surgery to perform much faster.



    Laser Type

    Sealed-off CO2 laser tube



    Mode Structure


    Power to Tissue


    Ultra-pulse Duration (on-time)


    Laser Operation Modes

    CW, Pulse, Ultra pulse

    Tissue Exposure Modes

    Continuous, Single pulse, Repeat pulse

    Aiming Beam

    2mW (650nm diode ) adjustable

    Articulated Arm

    7-joint articulated arm


    Closed Loop Liquid

    Electrical power 

    110/220V 60/50HZ


    370mm x360mm x1000mm


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